Los angeles times horoscope february 2

They'll think themselves smarter and superior to everyone else.

The Zodiac Killer: A Timeline - HISTORY

Don't think that because Taurus can be the strong silent type, they won't get into a physical fight, because they just might. One of the reasons Gemini can have a bad attitude is because they can be so indecisive, and it makes them anxious. When they finally make a decision after going back and forth, they may regret that decision an hour later. Geminis tend to take on projects that are too big for them to handle, and instead of being honest and admitting it's too much,; they keep going while building up resentment.

By the time they're done, they're working a bad attitude.

The Zodiac Killer: A Timeline

One thing that contributes to Scorpio's bad attitude is the fact that they can get extremely jealous of other's successes, even when they're successful themselves. Scorpios can become hostile and resentful when they think they're not appreciated or getting what they feel they deserve.

There's a dark side behind their bad attitude, and they're not playing when they admit they're angry with someone. Revenge is something Scorpios are comfortable with. Sometimes it's easy to tell that an Aquarius has a bad attitude because they get very sarcastic and cynical.

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No one wants to be the focus of their sarcasm because it feels personal and it hurts. They also can be arrogant and act superior, which isn't exactly friendly and open, but Aquarians are known for distancing themselves and being aloof. Their bad attitude is dependent on their mood, so you never know what you're going to get. Virgos have a bad attitude when they're being harsh and judgmental.

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They tend to be overcritical, and sometimes their critical-eye is focused on other people. Virgos are smart and can be know-it-alls, so if someone challenges them on their knowledge, they won't be sweet; instead, they're going to be angry and it will be clear from their bad attitude that they're set on destroying the challenger.

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